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It All Began in 1985

The idea for Carole’s Cleaning Service began in 1985 when Carole Barber realized other parents at Mount Airy Full Gospel School needed help cleaning their homes. Her husband Will was managing an aviation program with the U.S. Naval Academy, but the project was cancelled in January 1986.

Instead of moving his family in search of a new job in the aviation field, Will joined Carole in her cleaning endeavor, marking the official opening of Carole’s Cleaning Service in Mount Airy, Maryland. At this time, Carole had ten customers and cleaned two homes per day, five days a week. The couple quickly doubled the number of homes they were cleaning and hired their first employee in April of 1986.

Family Business

As the town of Mount Airy grew, so did the family business. Will now manages the company full-time, while Carole is in charge of quality control. With about 125 customers and a three-crew staff of ten cleaners, Carole’s Cleaning Service is dedicated to keeping the homes of Mount Airy and its neighboring communities sparkling!

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– Will & Carole

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Who Uses a Cleaning Service?

The Town of Mount Airy and the neighboring communities are filled with working couples. Most of these workers travel one to two hours to their work place, then work 8 to 10 hours and return home. This is done 5 to 6 days a week.

This is a major part of the week spent traveling to the job, working the job, and returning home. Not much time is left to spend cleaning homes, mowing lawns, and other chores.

To spend time with the family or just to have a relaxing weekend some of the chores have to be given up. This is where a cleaning service works into the plan.

After a hard week’s work. . .
Carole’s Cleaning Service can give you more time to spend with your family, friends, or just relaxing.

Along with our residential services, we offer professional maid service as well.

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