Reasons To Have A Professional Clean Your Home Before Having Guests Over

So you’re having a dinner party, small gathering or having some guests over for a little birthday celebration. You’ve set the date, sent out the invitations, and decided on your food and drink menu. The RSVPs are rolling in as the event approaches, but there’s one problem: your house is a mess!

Don’t feel bad about this. Life tends to get in the way of cleaning your home; trust us, we totally understand. What’s more, it seems like we create more of a mess when we have an event coming up and not enough time to clean.

But that’s OK. We have a solution for you: hire a professional to clean your home. While we think this is perfect for obvious reasons, we’d also like to share five more reasons why hiring a professional to clean your home before having guests over is a smart decision.

Let’s get started.


When you hire a professional to clean your home, you can focus on other things like getting the food ready and decorating your home instead of having to think about all the rooms you have to clean.


If you have a busy schedule between working and making sure your kids (or pets) are taken care of, cleaning is the last thing on your mind. Let a professional take care of cleaning your home, so you can actually relax when you have a little down time.

Need we say more?


One of the greatest things about a professional cleaning service is that you can schedule it at your convenience (given an opening in their schedule of course). This is especially great before an event at your home because you can determine the best day to have the cleaners come – whether it’s a couple days before the event or even on the day of the event (provided we have plenty of time to get the job done).


Hiring a professional cleaning service means you’ll get professional caliber cleaning, especially with Carole’s Cleaning Service. We have the tools, supplies and experience to make sure your home is sparkling!

Interested in learning more about Carole’s Cleaning Service? Give us a call at 301-829-0111.

10 Reasons To Hire A Maid

Let’s go David Letterman style, and discuss the top 10 reasons to hire a maid:

10) The dust is so heavy in your home that your eyes water, you sneeze and cough often, and visitors have made comments about it.

9) You haven’t seen your countertops in months because they’re covered with all sorts of clutter, from cereal bowls to books and then some…

8) You’ve noticed that your bathtub– which used to be pure white– now has various colors, including orange and brown and such. There are strands of hair everywhere, the water doesn’t drain like it used to, and there’s a peculiar odor in there.

7) A mess of cat food has been left on the floor not just for a day or a week but months. Cat hair is seemingly everywhere. The place is starting to smell of cat urine, too.

6) You are “always at work” and “never home,” so you “don’t have time to clean.”

5) There are cobwebs on the ceiling…of your living room and bedroom.

4) Mice have started to run around the kitchen floor searching for scraps and ants aren’t far behind.

3) You were born with a silver spoon in your mouth, grew up with a maid, and have the money to afford one now, so why not?

2) You think you don’t have the money to afford a maid, but you realize you really, really do need one and this is a worthy investment for the sake of your health and the health of your family members.

1) Your friends have suggested you torch the place and start new because it’s such a disgusting mess.

Carole’s Cleaning Service can make your house or office much cleaner than it currently is. Serving people in Mount Airy, Monrovia, New Market, Woodbine, Lisbon and other parts of Maryland, Carole’s provides free on-site estimates. In business since 1985, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, Carole’s Cleaning Service is all about quality cleaning. Prompt and dependable, call Carole’s Cleaning Service today at 301-829-0111.

Why Is It Prudent To Consistently Have Your House Cleaned?

Most people are messy. That’s okay, though, as long as they– or someone–cleans up, right? Imagine a house of messy people where no one ever cleaned up. It would become pretty gross, wouldn’t it?

It’s prudent to consistently have your house cleaned for a number of reasons, chief among them for sanitary reasons. Over time, a build up of bacteria, mold, mildew and dust can negatively affect you and your friends, family and pets. No one wants to be sneezing, coughing and tearing up all the time, let alone having trouble trying to sleep. A clean house is good for your health.

People crave order. When things are messy and out of order, there’s a sense of chaos. Having a clean home is equated with having an orderly one, where things are put back in their place rather than being strewn about the room. It’s a lot easier to walk through a room that’s neat and orderly than it is to trip over various toys, clothes and food packages that haven’t been tended to in days.

By having a consistently clean home, you’re able to get more done. Rather than be distracted by piles of stuff all around you, you’re able to focus on tasks-at-hand when a home is clean and organized. Another benefit of a consistently clean home is the ability to easily find things, since they’re where they belong.

Finally, too many people have messy, dirty homes to the point where they don’t feel comfortable inviting others over for a visit. That’s no good. Imagine not even having your close friends or relatives over because you’re too embarrassed about your own home– whoa!

Carole’s Cleaning Service of Mount Airy, Maryland, is here to help you keep a clean and orderly home. From floors to furnishings, Carole’s Cleaning Service takes pride in making homes (and workplaces) shine. You can choose weekly, bi-weekly or monthly services to suit your schedule and meet your needs. You’ll feel better knowing someone is taking good care of your place, keeping it clean and orderly. Call 301-829-0111 to discuss your cleaning needs today.

Tips For Removing A Carpet Stain

Taking care of your carpet helps preserve its feel, color, and durability for years to come. Aside from routine vacuuming, tackling stains as they occur is a must.

Unfortunately, there are those instances where spills happen and they go unnoticed and untreated for quite some time. The best solution is to treat the spill before it has a chance to sink into the carpet fibers.

If you’re not so lucky in remedying the problem sight on scene, here are some worthy tricks to combat common carpet stains.

First and foremost, you want to remove any excess stain. This is when there is an abundance of liquid or other substances that have assembled at the top of the carpet.

– For liquid stains, gently blot away the excess liquid with a white, clean, and absorbent towel. You want to work from the outside edge of the stain inwards, which will prevent spreading.

– For solid substances, scrape off the excess with a spoon or butter knife as soon as you can.

Next, you want to apply a cleaning solution. A great cleaning agent is a homemade mixture of 1-quart warm water, mixed with 1 teaspoon of mild dishwashing soap and then adding in ¼ teaspoon of white vinegar.

– To treat the stain, you want to spray the remaining stain with the cleaning mixture. You don’t want to over-wet the stain, which could ruin the backing of the carpet.

– Let the spray solution sit for 10 minutes.

Finally, you want to blot away the stain that has been sprayed with a cleaning agent.

– Use only a clean and white absorbent towel. Work from the outside in and repeat the blotting until the stain no longer transfers onto the cloth.

– Using cold water, blot the stain.

– To dry, cover the damp area with layer of ½ thick paper towels that have been weighted down. You may need to change the paper towels until the towels are no longer soaking in the liquid.

For a comprehensive residential cleaning service, Carole’s Cleaning Service provides a variety of cleaning services to lift your daily cleaning loads.

How Often Should You Clean Your Home?

Cleaning your home is a daunting but inevitable task. If you happen to be one of those people who is excited to deep clean, kudos to you! While there are every day “clean up” tasks that consist of wiping counters, loading the dishwasher, vacuuming carpets and sweeping floors, the heavy duty cleaning doesn’t have to be done every single day.

Commonly referred to as “spring cleaning,” it’s important that homeowners take time to perform a thorough clean, where furniture is moved, untouched surfaces are scrubbed, and window treatments are washed, for example.

How often you should conduct a deep cleaning of your entire house is something of a debate. Truth be told though, your house and all of its surfaces can harbor bacteria and viruses for a long time as well as dust and other allergens.

In basic terms, you will want to thoroughly clean your home every one to two months. If you set aside a few hours and a specific day, this date on the calendar may not be so dreaded. You may want to get your cleaning solutions handy as well as your favorite music on your iPod.

If you are not sure of what exactly should be cleaned on your designated cleaning day, here is a quick guide:

  • Scrub your bathtub. Even though this surface is washed every day with your showering soap, that soaps builds up and creates scum that damages your tub and when you’re ill, the shower is a place that succumbs to your symptoms.
  • Steam clean your carpets. If you have pets and small children, or if you walk on the carpet with shoes, who knows what’s in the fibers. A steam clean is the best way to remove dirt, grime, and germs.
  • Using a safe solution of water and bleach or pure vinegar, empty and clean your entire fridge. Getting into all of the nooks and crannies of your fridge will leave you satisfied that your food has a clean space to stay fresh.
  • Your wood trim along the floors harbors a lot of dirt and accumulating dirt can lead to negative allergy interactions.
  • Ever take a look at the top of your ceiling fans, lights, and chandeliers? Trust us when we tell you they will be gross with dirt and grime. To make your light fixtures look new again, clean and polish them up for a great shine.
  • Your mattress harbors dust and germs too. Remove it from your bed, tap it out with a broom handle and leave outside for a few hours in the fresh air. It’ll smell good as well as be thoroughly cleaned.
  • Underneath your couch and coffee table will be things you probably haven’t seen in a while. It is a good idea to move and vacuum.

For those frequent cleaning tasks that you just don’t have time for, contact a professional cleaning service likes ours. We can manage the cleaning tasks you either can’t or just don’t want to do.

Tips For Getting Rid Of Germs In Your Home

Your home may be clean, but are you sure it’s germ-free? Cleaning and disinfecting, while they are related tasks, are not mutually exclusive. Luckily, Carole’s Cleaning Service is here to give you some expert tips on getting rid of the germs in your home.

According to Good Housekeeping, whenever a member of your family is sick is a good time to disinfect, although we at Carole’s Cleaning Service think it’s a good idea to disinfect regularly. When you have a sick family member, you should disinfect more often! Our first tip is to take extra care of common-touch areas, like door knobs, light switches, couch pillows and dirty dishes.

Bacteria and viruses can live on these dirty surfaces for up to 48 hours, so it’s important to disinfect often. Your best tool will be surface disinfecting spray, like any of these EPA-registered products. First, remove any visible dirt. Then, spray with the disinfectant and let air dry—this is very important! Bacteria are killed during the evaporation of the spray from the surface. If the area evaporates faster than the spray’s label says it should, spray a second time.

When it comes to upholstery, your best option is to use slipcovers that are removable and washable. But if you already love the pattern on your couch and can’t bear to cover it with a slip, there are some other options. Try a fabric-friendly disinfectant spray that will kill bacteria and remove allergens.

In the kitchen, pay special attention to your cutting board and sponges. According to CBS News, a cutting board has more bacteria on it than a toilet seat! We suggest using a different cutting board for meats and other things. Running the cutting board through the dishwasher will kill the bacteria that like to nestle in the little knife grooves of your cutting board.

To kill germs on your sponge, microwave it wet for 1 minute on high.

For more tips and tricks, or to schedule a cleaning, contact us today!

“I Can’t Believe How Dirty That Is!”

We admit that it’s not all about the bacteria: Some nooks and crannies in your home that need to be cleaned may not even occur to you. Huffington Post has clued us in on the top 25 places we forget to clean in our homes. At the top of the list is the inside of the fridge, the oven, and the mattress. Not to mention the drapes, ceiling fans, and even the patio furniture. When’s the last time you cleaned those places?

When it comes to the inside of the fridge, Martha Stewart suggests cleaning it thoroughly at least once per season, but wiping it down regularly, which can be a time consuming task!

Another tricky spot when it comes to cleaning is the bathroom. How long can you go between cleanings before the germs take over? Carole’s can help you with that. Obviously, a bathroom that is cleaned and cared for weekly is the best kind of bathroom.

A professional maid service will worry about all the gross and gory details of disinfecting and cleaning your home. And don’t underestimate the power of some pesky bacteria: you need to have a home that is not only neat and clean, but healthy for you and the people who live there. But we understand: When you have a busy life and a lot of responsibilities, it can be hard to make cleaning your home a top priority. That’s why Carole’s Cleaning Service is happy to take care of that part for you! Life is too short to be tied down by mundane tasks, so consider making your home safer and cleaner, while also creating more time for you and the family with a professional maid service.

Contact us today for more information, or to schedule your first home cleaning. You can also check out the various services we offer, and read about our history!

The Benefits Of A Professional Maid Service

Have you considered hiring a professional maid service before? You may be on the fence about it, or feel that your home is already clean enough… you can clean it when it needs to be cleaned, right? Well, here’s some useful information you might want to keep in mind the next time you consider your home to be “clean enough.”

There’s a big difference between tidy and clean. According to ABC News, when the soles of eight different peoples’ shoes were tested, 66 million bacteria organisms were found on just one shoe. Think about all the stuff you walk through all day that looks a little iffy, and then think about all the times you don’t exactly see where your foot lands. You, your family members and your guests track all of these bacteria into your home, on a regular basis. Moping your floors occasionally might not be enough, especially if you have young children who tend to touch everything in sight and then put their hands in their mouths on an average of 80 times per hour.

Reasons To Hire A Professional Maid Service

Cleaning and caring for a home is a time-consuming business, especially if you have a job to do during the day or are busy raising children. Luckily, you don’t have to sacrifice having a clean home for living your life—that’s why Carole’s Cleaning Service is here, to take care of those pesky cleaning tasks so that you can get back to what really matters: everything else!

Pests Love Unclean Homes!

Finally, unclean homes attract pests such as mice and rats. They’re always looking for food, and when a person leaves crumbs on the floor that never get cleaned up, pests will try and get them. Did you know that mice can contribute to people’s allergy problems? You might not even realize you’re breathing in air tainted by mouse droppings on floors, counters and in cabinets. Pests come through cracks and holes in walls and doors and they love to nibble on food left out of its packaging. Unclean homes invite pests.

Carole’s Cleaning Service of Mount Airy, Maryland, has been in business since 1985. If you have a house that needs cleaning, Carole’s Cleaning Service is the one to call. Maid services include dusting your windowsills and ledges as well as door ledges and baseboards. Floors can be vacuumed and/or mopped/washed as needed. Carole’s Cleaning Service can even empty the trashcans for you. For a healthier, cleaner home, call Carole’s Cleaning Service today at 301-829-0111.

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